Seventh month in the gym, and then some!

It’s seven and soon eight months back in the gym, and it’s still as exciting as it was in the beginning! I’m heading into a shredding phase after two months of different bulking. After the 12/10/8/8/6 bulk phase, I did German Volume Training (GVT) for four weeks.

Somehow, I found better and leaner results with the 12/10/8/8/6 programme than the traditional GVT. Firstly, I felt and looked so much better than with GVT and, secondly, I got a bit bored with GVT and it takes a lot of time!

GVT-ing the lats

Still, I think there was a 2kg gain of (hopefully) muscle, and now I am using this programme (again – coz I like it so much) to shred. Plus the usual 120-150 minutes (slightly more, actually) of cardio per week.

I’m gonna be doing this for two weeks and take a reload week in August (coz of a holiday), and when I am back, I am gonna try this:

Together with this for other body parts:

Wish me luck! What about you? How has your workout been? Share with me in the comments!