Reasons runners should try yoga

I’ve been coaching runners for a number of years now. In my work, I also had to run a lot when I was coaching bootcamp. From what I can see, running has become increasingly popular. Many Malaysians, for example, have moved from a jog to the park to full-blown marathons in a span of a few years.

Still, I think running really isn’t as simple as buying a good pair of shoes. Without proper care (especially after care), you might cause yourself some knotty problems. There are many ‘senior’ runners who ‘look after’ the new runners. I think this is great. They provide a lot of before and after care for the newbies.

Dedicated yoga workshops for runners do take place!

Yoga for runners?

What I can say is that yoga truly complements running. The simple fact that so many professional athletes now are turning to yoga for improving their performance speaks volumes.

A runner is said to strike the ground about 620 times in one kilometre. Physics has taught us that the impact on each foot is about three to four times our body weight. Over time, this causes strain on our body, causing us back pain, sore feet and an increased probability of injury.

Common ailments or injuries runners experience include plantar fasciitis, ankle sprains, achilles tendonitis, shin splints, heel spurs and / or pulled or strained muscles.

While yoga might help to prevent some of these injuries, it won’t happen overnight. Consistent practice is the key. For example, with a consistent monthly practice, I managed to dispel plantar fasciitis that arose from running and shin splints that occurred due to high arches (causing pronation).

Which poses?

Here’s a cool infographic to help you with that:

Check out your local yoga classes to get an experience. Of course, some yoga classes or yoga teachers might not resonate with you. My suggestion: try at least three before settling.

You could also try out Broga® Yoga, a fitness-based yoga class that incorporates strength and high intensity interval training! Contact us to learn more!