Middle-age spread (Part 2)

Since the last post, I did a little audit on my food. To be honest, for my lifestyle I eat pretty healthily, not more than 2,500 cals a day usually. And I do work out at least five to six days a week (“working out” including yoga practice).

I put it down to three things:

  1. My metabolism was decreasing
  2. As such my 30 mins – 45 mins of HIIT were not enough. I also needed to add some greater resistance as I was working mostly with calisthenics.
  3. I might be drinking too much soy bean with my coffee

So in light of that, I have basically cut down on the soy milk in coffee. I also have taken up the P90X, just for something different. And I am really enjoying it!

Firstly, I have Tony Horton’s “Bring It” book and I love the exercises there. I used some of them in my circuit classes and they aren’t easy. But what I like about P90X is that it isn’t crazy jumping around like Insanity (okay, this is just an opinion, so please don’t get upset if you are an Insanity fan). To be honest, everyone I know who has tried Insanity had a knee injury after a month or so.

Okay, back to P90X. What I like about it is that it is tough, you feel the burn, it isn’t as crazy as Insanity, it can be done indoors (so no haze!), and it can be toned up or down based on how you feel. Undoubtedly, I am missing out on some because I don’t have a pull up bar indoors. But switch that to barbell rows, I guess…

After a week, I felt good and I felt leaner too. The sweat was awesome, really detoxed myself! The bad news is that I have the flu now, plus fever. Kenpo X really helped me sweat it out yesterday, but I tried my own yoga self practice this morning which made me dizzy.

I think I need more cardio and the Kenpo X workout is not as intense as the Plyo one. So… Let’s try that again and see!

Any of you experiencing the middle age midsection spread? What are you doing about it?