Guided Meditation & Pranayama.

If you are seeking some guidance in your breathing and meditation practice, I have a few options for you on the Insight Timer app.

They are short and digestible – at least, I hope so – and I have laid them out in sequence for a good meditation and breathing playlist below.

Begin with this:

Guided Meditation for Grounding.

Grounding in yoga means to draw ourselves to the present, allowing thoughts of the future and past to dissipate. The best way to do this is to have focus on something which is always present, such as our feet. This meditation guides us to have feet awareness. Constant practice of feet awareness may help us to ground while we are away from meditation practice, as we bring awareness to our feet when something unskilful grips us.

Secondly, practise this:

Breathing Meditation Practice for Renewal.

Although not nadi shodhana pranayama, this breath practice on the Insight Timer app will help calm you, and perhaps give you a sense of renewal.

Using the breath, we can ground in the moment, simply by counting the breath. We can use the breath to help let go of negative capacities. Finally, we can use the breath to help us expand and receive what serves us. This guided breath meditation takes you through the steps, and helps you to utilise the breath anytime as a way for you to renew yourself.

Then end with this:

Breathing Meditation Practice.

Pranayama can help to decrease stress, improve sleep, improve lung function, and enhance cognitive function. Listen to this breath practice on the Insight Timer app. We will get the inhales and exhales to an equal length. Then later in the practice, we create patterns by inserting a breath retention of the same length.

If you have any questions, please do contact me! I would love to hear from you!

The Mindful Mornings

mini course

If your days are fraught with stress and anxiety, this mini-course is for you!

It offers methods on how to incorporate mindfulness into your mornings and includes:

  1. An introductory video
  2. A guided meditation video
  3. A yoga movement practice video
  4. A video on examples of mindfulness routines you can incorporate into your mornings, AND


  • Mindful Mornings Modalities – four videos
  • Yoga Wall Stretches for the low back – four videos
  • A mindful morning pdf checklist