Broga® Yoga at Murfest!

Well, I made my debut at a yoga and wellness festival over the last weekend, Murfest – the Malaysian Urban Retreat Festival. This year, it was held at Le Meridian, Putra Jaya, from 3-5 November 2017.

It was an awesome experience for me to bring Broga® Yoga to a bunch of international and local practitioners. The festival itself seemed to be bustling, although some attendees said it was really quiet this year, and also for a yoga festival. Having never attended Murfest before, I honestly cannot comment.

Eddy was there to help out, and another friend as well, with the photos and videos. I bumped into my good friends, Sandeep and Fennie, of Yoga Tape, on the upper level by the swimming pool. It was great seeing them. It’s a shame I didn’t manage to bump into Deepak Kumar, of Deep Yoga, who got me really into yoga at the 2009 festival I attended at Sepang Gold Coast.

Broga® Yoga was featured twice at Murfest, once on Saturday 4th November at 1400 and the second session on Sunday 5th at 1600. Again, it amazes me how teaching the class, although the same sequence, gave me such differing experiences.

The Saturday group was smaller but more energetic, while the Sunday group was bigger and more curious about the details and intricacies of the movements. The little nuances, if you know what I mean.

Again, I am so pleased to have been a part of this, and I hope ugaiz enjoyed yourself if you were there!