Breaking boundaries with Broga® Yoga!

This has been a quieter year for Broga® Yoga, at least for me. Last year, I did the re-launch, Lululemon, Murfest and we ended up in Men’s Health Malaysia and also Time Out KL! That was a lot!

Broga® Yoga helps men to live in their most organic selves: strong, peaceful, guided, internally and outwardly connected, powerful and compassionate from the inside out. Broga seeks to enable men to walk, compete, and live stronger, balanced lives.

It has been so great conducting Broga classes, getting to know the people who join us and getting to help them with their physical issues! I really would love to bring Broga® Chill to Malaysia one day soon!

Stay tuned, and in the meantime, get real fit with Broga Yoga at Activ Studio, every Tuesday 7 pm!