Pound the fat away!

Recently, us trainers at Activ Studio had the opportunity to experience Pound®, “the world’s first cardio jam session inspired by the infectious, energizing and sweat-dripping fun of playing the drums.”

See and do… but not done that right!

I have to say, most of us were pretty excited about the session. We kinda knew it would be a combo of cardio strength and drumming. How and when we did the drumming, I had no idea, but the idea of a cardio strength class appealed to me, rather than doing another 60 minutes of cardio (which I already had done on Tuesday) on the elliptical.

The class followed the usual pattern of a dynamic warm up, followed by leg strength and cardio.  This was interspersed with some core work, together with quad work. Most upper body resistance was purely movement and impact of beating the sticks.

The pounding took place mainly stick on stick and stick on floor or mat.  The choreography and cueing is definitely not like Les Mills, the style to which I am more used. The changes from movement to movement came quickly, just when uncoordinated me just got the rhythm and pounding right. But that’s just me, though.

I think it was an overall interesting cardio class, and I sweated buckets. I think many people might enjoy this, especially those who enjoy choreographed cardio classes. I also would add that the pounding is especially good for upper body impact to help joints, bones and muscles.