Freeletics Gym & Freeletics

Well, I did the Julien Greaux 365 workout (“JG 365”) for three weeks and it was a good ‘downtime’. Looking back, this was probably the first proper organised workout that I did (aside from the usual 3×12 bodybuilding sets in the gym) before I became a boot camp coach. Day One gave me a taste of HIIT (which I had never done before) and I recall really gasping for air. It took me sometimes more than an hour to finish each of these workouts. Now, I consider this a “downtime” workout, LOL! It is not an easy workout, I have to caution! So if you are a new fitness practitioner, please go easy on yourself.

Again, I would like to stress that my focus is on yoga and specifically, ploughing through the primary series. I still enjoy working out though, and I do intend to do a minimum of two workouts a week, at least for now.

And I felt my body feeling a little like it needed a boost last week, so I interspersed the JG 365 with this barbell complex home workout from Men’s Fitness. The hang cleans followed by thrusters really felt good! So I decided to phase out the JG 365 to something else that I could follow.

So I opted to get Freetelics Gym on my phone. The workouts look pretty intense and I tried Loki this morning, followed by the regular Freeletics Zeus. The thrusters really burnt me out so by the time I reached Zeus, I couldn’t really do the 50 push-ups per set.

It was a great first session though, so we’ll see how things go! What are your workouts now?