Come practise with me!

I am so excited to begin offering you virtual yoga practice, and I’d love for you to hear the stories behind each of the current offerings I have. Some of them are paid and some of them are totally FREE (yes, that’s right), but all of them are valuable.

And yes, just because some of them are free doesn’t mean that less planning, designing and consideration were put into them. Some of them are free (and may remain so forever) because I feel people need to know the practice offered.

Some come join me as I take you through the main offerings:

Yoga for grief – an online immersion through the chakras.

After the loss of my father, I realised that I already knew tools and wisdom to help manage grief, but I hadn’t contextualise what I knew. I began looking through all the yoga philosophy I had learnt, and also began reading up on grief and yoga.

This is the culmination of the initial months of work.

This online yoga immersion explores each chakra through yoga. Each session, the duration of which is about 25-30 minutes, is meant to help you find clarity in your grief – whether you are holding your grief in a specific chakra, and how you may work through it, if you so wish.

The sessions includes pranayama / yogic breath-work, accessible yoga mat practice (for apparently healthy adults) and some meditative resolves. You also get a course worksheet with an easy reference to the chakras.

The design of each class was a combination of what I already know as a yoga teacher and reiki healer, with the added wisdom of contextualised yoga wisdom in grief, mainly through the Yoga For Grief Relief book.

Most of the movements are in recline, or on quadruped or seated. You may require blocks and straps, depending on the flexibility of your low back, glutes and hamstrings.

With consistent practice, you should be able to discern where the grief is held, perhaps even have clarity on why you hold your grief in that specific area, and from all this, clarity and compassion – for yourself and others – in your grief.

Mindful mornings mini course.

This offering is a great mini course for you to learn tools that help fend off the stress and overwhelm of the day – including grief management. It offers a short yoga practice, yogic breath-work, and other mindfulness tools and modalities to manage stress and overwhelm.

The course is designed for practise in the morning because then you will be armed for whatever the day brings. Your brain will be freshly rewired. However, you may choose to practise any time of the day, and each tool is simple enough to even be practised at work, and some even when in traffic.

There is also BONUS CONTENT, which includes mindful mornings modalities, yoga wall stretches for the low back and a mindful morning checklist.

Priced at US$19, you should be able to remain calm in drama, respond to stress rather than react, and overall have clarity throughout the day with consistent practice.

What some practitioners say:

Guiding principles for yoga and meditation.

This is the first offering I had for you, and I feel it’s important enough that it will be FOREVER FREE. This ebook offers guiding principles for both your mat and sitting practices.

Too often, practitioners come to me with beautiful yoga postures but have difficulty maintaining the pose, or struggle to get into them and out of them (the process of which causes the most injury in yoga mat practice).

Alternatively, practitioners struggle to just sit for their meditation. This book will help you.

If you keep these guiding principles in mind when you practise, whether it is. a sitting practice or a movement practice – or even in life – you may find your actions (or inactions) more skilful, smoother and the practice will take on a new dimension for you.

1:1 Yoga For Grief Mentorship.

This is a new offering I am excited to share with you. This 9-week package will have us work together through yoga wisdom, movement and breath-work weekly.

We seek to peel the layers and get clarity – as quickly or slowly as you feel safe – on the layers of grief you are experiencing. We will work through the koshas and the chakras, and you will have access to all replays we have shared together.

Of course, you would need to practise, in sitting, movement and journaling.

The 9-week package comes to US$661.50, which works out to $73.50 per week.

Contact me below to have a discovery call with me.

Virtual workshops and classes.

There are two virtual workshops, with more in the works, and also class replays in Hatha Yoga. You can rent out per class or per workshop.

I am excited though that there will be a new subscription in place soon – the Grief Yoga Circle – for you.

Check out the virtual yoga library below:

I really look forward to practising with you. Do feel free to contact me if you have any questions. I’m here to support you.

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