Broga® Yoga last week was awesome!

Because of a numerous reasons, some personal, Broga® Yoga has not been consistently on this past month at Activ Studio, Bangsar. It was really awesome when things got back to normal last week, and the class gave their all! Of course, because we weren’t consistent, the numbers were small but energy was huge!

The above is Broga® Yoga at Murfest 2017 to get some idea of the class. And by the way, I have a YouTube channel now, where some of my yoga classes and personal workouts are on display. Check it out here (for Broga® Yoga and here for workouts and other yoga) and let me know what you think in the comments below!

For those of you who want to experience Broga® Yoga here in Kuala Lumpur, come down to Activ Studio, 7 pm on Tuesdays. Or contact me here to learn more!