When less is more

My latest piece published in the Sun today on protein supplementation among Malaysian youth (predominantly male), something I discovered recently. Boys in their teens are bursting with growth hormone & testosterone. There is no need for supplementation! Here’s an excerpt:

I must admit I have dabbled in trying out these protein powders, but I read and understand (to an extent) the food label. For example, under the “amount per serving” portion, if there is more carbohydrates than protein then the “protein powder” is actually a carbohydrate powder.

But how many people read food labels? Especially when it comes to things like this, we go on the strength of recommendations. We see a ripped muscular person and we find out what his workout is and what protein supplements he takes.

Protein is important as part of our daily dietary intake. According to myplate.gov, the dietary guidelines for the United States, about a quarter of our plate should be protein, or palm size (as opposed to hand size). This is sufficient to take us through until our next meal.

Taking protein to build muscle when one is in one’s youth is not necessary. First, this is the time when male teenagers are bursting with testosterone and growth hormone. Without these hormones, you could eat a herd of cows and nothing would happen. So having addition protein is unnecessary.

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