The Sun: Watch your holiday fare

My most recent Sun column, on being overweight, food and exercise… You know, just to remind uol not to eat so much during Christmas / New Year / school holiday period la:

Sadly, being fit and healthy can be costly. For example, basic staples such as white rice and sugar are cheaper than the less refined option. Malaysian Medical Association (MMA) president, Dr Ashok Zachariah Phillip, said in another news report, “If you look at the strata, it’s usually the lower grade workers who are overweight because it takes money to keep fit. Government workers go to work at 7am, come back at 7pm and have no time between work and family to even think of exercising.”

For the full piece, click here. For the pdf download, here.

So are you watching what you eat? Exercising? Or are you having a break from everything (which is okay as well!)?

Have a great Christmas & New Year! Abundance and auspiciousness to all you readers!