The Sun – I have moved on, have you?

My most outing in the Sun newspaper discusses how we can see the five stages of grieving in people’s attitudes towards lockdowns / quarantines (in Malaysia, the MCO and CMCO).

Discussing this with my flatmate, he said that this was a sign that these people were grieving for the loss of their way of life due to the pandemic. I had plenty of time to ponder on this, as I trudged up and down the apartment stairs for exercise.

The first sign of grieving is denial. And I guess those people with the “Nothing what!” kind of attitude are experiencing this. The MCO and CMCO is nothing, they can do what they want whenever they want to and people who point out how irresponsible their behaviour is are stupid.

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As an aside, the titles of the Sun columns have not been mine since about 2007, and even at that time, they were rarely mine. I guess my titles aren’t catchy enough! No matter!

What do you think, are we exhibiting the symptoms of grieving for the loss of our previous norms? Tell me your thoughts in the comments!