Talking to animals – my journey with reiki.

I met Bob Kee online ages ago when I wrote one or two pieces for the Micah Mandate, but I didn’t place him in that context when he followed my Broga Yoga Instagram under his Reiki Refuge profile. I met up with him, just to see what he was doing and learn more about him. So intrigued was I that I mentioned him to both Eddy and reiki healer and yoga teacher friend, Kat. They both wanted to meet up with him, and so we did!

My ears perked up when Kat said she managed to communicate with her dying dog using reiki. Bob confirmed that a form of communication could take place. I immediately said I wanted to learn! If there was one thing I would want to do, it is to communicate to my animals, and even more so, to give them healing during their last days! Eddy also was interested so we signed up to take Level 1 with Bob the weekend before the Bazar Batin.

I was so into the whole endeavour that I began to start my sitting practise again, at least 5-20 minutes everyday! I would even wake up earlier just to do it, even on mornings when I had to wake up at 5 am, I would set the alarm ten minutes earlier to get some sitting and meditation in!

By the time we began, I felt ready. The concepts are not hard to grasp, especially with a background in yoga and tantra. Because of our own personal circumstance, Bob changed his usual teaching schedule to accommodate and we only did theory on the first day. Saying that, the theory was really interesting.

On the second day, Bob continued on with a bit of theory, and then we did the attunement of the top three chakras; which in reiki philosophy denotes the feminine energy within us. Apparently, we would feel changes within us for the following three weeks; usually the first week would be physical, the second week emotional and the final week spiritual. More on that later.

Following the attunement, we did one round of self healing and then we healed each other. Both experiences were amazing and very different. And of course it would be different because each person is different! I was really looking forward to delving into the discipline more!

Regarding the attunement and the changes: yes, there were a few physical experiences in the first week but seriously, my life is so much sweeter now. I re-read the entire manual and try to do at least one self-healing a day, usually two. Stay tuned to learn more about my adventures with energy!