Still in a daze after the worst haze in years

My most recent outing in the Sun, came out last week but was really too busy to update here.

Even with the windows almost fully closed, the fan on full blast, taking deep breaths during our yoga practice in the studio was painful, to say the least. Our guru, Manoj, told us to focus on our exhalations and the class proceeded with that focus – exhalations and purging of the toxins sitting in our lungs due to the haze.

If the memory has not faded, the haze come a-visiting about a month ago, shrouding the nation – nay, the region – with toxic smoke, lasting almost a fortnight. As I moved into yogic poses in the studio, I could barely see out the window. Trees that once were bright emerald appeared dull washed-out, almost ochre. I asked my Filipino maid if they had haze in the Philippines. Her response was, “Yes. Whenever the volcano erupts.”

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