Pranayama & Meditation.

I recently began a Pranayama & Contemplation class at the nose:Nest. My intention was to bring mindfulness to those who find movement challenging or daunting but wanted to instil a sense of peace in their day.

I chose pranayama because everyone breathes and the breath can be something really beautiful to focus on. And sometimes breath practice can result in a sense of sweetness and fulfilment that cannot be described.

I decided to include contemplation because contemplation or reflection is easier to fall into. In yoga, sometimes it can be called dharana or concentration.

This is the stage before meditation, or diyana. And meditation is a state that we fall into, not something that we can actively do.

Whatever it is, the practise of breath and contemplation should hopefully bring some peace to your day.

So come down to the nose:Nest every second Saturday of the month for a slice of piece! The next session is on November 9, at 2pm!

If you need more information, you can contact me here. Hope to catch you there!