More thoughts on yoga (June 2016)

So I am trudging along still in the Primary Series. There are definite improvements though. In May, I shocked everyone, especially myself, when I managed to jump into sit. After a week, I managed to now and then jump into the actual seated pose, like Triang Mukhaikapada Pashchimottanasana 😱! No one could have been more surprised than I!

Some of you might not like her, but her teachings are sound. This is Kino MacGregor on how to jump through into sit. I used her step-step technique for one year and I stuck with it long-term (as she advised), and I am now sliding through!Other small improvements are deeper half lotus binds, deeper Marichyasana C and also I have started on drop backs – the last of which totally winds me! But I am thrilled that I have begun on this! Five months after I restarted Ashtanga Mysore practice, I am finally back at where I left off!

I know initially I set the goal to enter second series this year, but I am not pushing for it. With Marichyasana D so unavailable to me now, I wonder how I could do Pasasana. Plus, I can’t chakrasana at all.

Maybe I need to start on Kino’s advice below:

Hopefully this will come in 2016!