How to start strength training

The cardio is kicking up and you have lost some weight. Your skin, unfortunately, is a little saggy with the water and fat loss so it’s time to integrate some strength training into your workout. After all, more muscle means greater calorie burn. But how do you start?

Think doable

For some, strength training might seem intimidating. Pictures of Arnie come to mind. But that isn’t the entirety of strength training. There are many modalities. But to begin with, pick big muscles that you would like to exercise (forget the little ones – at least for starters).

So think legs, back, chest and abs. Big muscles, important muscles you use in every day life. So effective compound exercises which work more than one muscle / joint would be squats, push ups, pull / chin ups and planks.

Try doing one round of twelve repetitions for each exercise then when you are ready, move on to two rounds etc.

Branching Out

As with cardio exercises, there are many modalities from which you may choose for your strength training, for example,

  • Body weight / calisthenics
  • Dumb bells / Barbells
  • Kettle bells
  • Suspension Trainers

Just to name a few. Strength training is also part of electro muscle stimulation (EMS) workouts. Two sets of 12 reps are also just one of the many routines you may use to get yourself fitter. It all depends on your goals!

Hope this helps you kick off building a leaner fitter you!