Grounding & finding your balance with yoga & essential oils.

The dōTERRA event that I hosted, entitled, “Yoga, Emotions & Essential Oils” last week was a success, I feel. More people turned up than I expected, and some had arrived from Malacca and also Hawaii (!!!). The focus of this class was on grounding and finding balance, so there was discussion on mood and stress, and how this affects the body.

Then we went through some simple grounding principles, through seated yoga poses, followed by standing, then supine, and how oils can help ground you in moments of stress, and which blend of oils may work for you (keeping in mind that these things are subjective).

I certainly had fun, and I am so looking forward to the next class, set for 2 pm on 20 April 2019. During that class, we will be attempting to let go with yoga and essential oils! Hope to catch you there!