Exploring emotions through yoga movements and essential oils.

While I had some experience putting together a class at OSK, this Wellness Weekend at Mont Kiara was really organised by entirely, from putting content together, to marketing, to getting participants, collecting payment, it was really an experience.

However, I am really passionate to teach people tools on how to de-stress and manage moods, so it was really worth the effort! I am so grateful to those who came, and the numbers were perfect to share and to discuss, especially during the second day workshop.

One of my ex-bootcampers, Adlene said:

You spread such good vibes that is very much needed in this hustle bustle life… People lost touch/direction easily… Too much distraction… A kind reminder and spiritual/soulful work like this is needed to keep moving forward…

Am so grateful, and hopefully more sessions to come!

Much love and gratitude!