Experiencing Le Barre & Le Boot of Lebert Fitness Programmes!

Being in fitness allows me access to sample fitness classes that we are thinking of bringing into the studio (Activ Studio, Bangsar, of course!). So yesterday, we decided to try a few programmes under the Lebert Fitness, using the Equalizer and the Buddy System. The training team from Fitmosphere came down to show us what’s what!

Exhausted after the session

Update on EMS

Before we begin though, let’s have an update on the knee. So as mentioned, November would be focused on using electro muscle stimulation (using Miha EMS, at Activ Studio) to rehab the knee, and since I am doing that, I might as well workout too. The gains have been great! Firstly, the knee was practically 100%, only a twinge after bad traffic. Secondly, I have definitely gained some muscle and lost some fat! Yay for me!

My usual programme (after the initial week) is about 25 minutes on the strength/fitness and 5 minutes on cellulitis settings. I once tried 20 minutes on strength/fitness and 10 minutes on cellulitis, and that worked well too in terms of fitness goals, but not that great for rehab.

So it was unfortunate that Le Boot had burpees yesterday. It is not Le Boot’s fault, let me make it clear. I should have been stubborn and insisted I skip the burpees but the Alpha GRRR in me (I guess, once a boot camp coach, always a boot camp coach!) took over. I tried stepping back and forth and felt like such a wimp, so I hopped on the good leg, but sometimes I think landed on both legs, especially when exhausted.

Long story short, the knee was not good after the whole session. I did remain stubborn about the agility ladder and refuse to do that. But basically I did everything else. So anyway…

Le Boot

We had twenty minutes of each programme, kinda like a taster of each. Le Boot is basically an indoor boot camp. The Equalizer, however, made things quite fun. The equipment, much like a dip bar, was great for the chest and tricep dips, and also the inverted rows. I’m actually considering getting a pair…

I think there were four stations, 45 seconds exercise, 15 seconds “rest” i.e. getting to the next plus mopping off your sweat. Good burn and I think I woulda enjoyed it more if the knee hadn’t been so busted.

Buddy System

This piece of equipment reminds me of a non-suspended Rip:60. Basically, one person holds one end of the equipment, while the other holds on to the end with two hands. So you can do single-arm rows, single arm bicep curls, while the other person does squats or jump squats. Alternatively, both partners can do rotational work. Good fun!

The Buddy System equipment – working on those obliques! 💪🏽

Le Barre

This one incorporates ballet 👯! Okay, I’m not squeamish, but I have to tell you that all that external rotation of the feet together with the mini bends at the knee was not good for my knee! Still, this didn’t bug me as much as the burpees. The workout itself was not interesting, and I think I fared pretty well. Some of the movements kinda reminds me of pilates as well, which is not surprising since pilates borrows from yoga, gymnastics and ballet.

I did enjoy Le Barre, although I probably won’t be running to sign up for classes. All the en pointe though… can’t be good for the toes (or the knee!) to be so plantar flexed all the time.

The gang after the session

My own thoughts?

I enjoyed the afternoon. I hadn’t done boot camp or any kind of group circuit training for a long time and Barre is a totally new experience. At the moment, because of my wonky knee, it’s unlikely that I will be doing or coaching any of these kinda classes anytime soon.

If you wanna know more about these fitness classes, education courses and more about the Equalizer and Buddy System equipment, go to Fitmosphere’s website (link in first paragraph). For more visuals, go to their Instagram.

Now… back to rehabbing the knee!