Adventures with energy & essential oils.

So after I got my Usui Reiki Level 1, I diligently practised self-reiki on a daily basis. Sometimes, up to three sessions per day! One day, I decided to pull out my dōTERRA yoga collection during the reiki session, and the difference was incredibly noticeable. For that first session, I used dōTERRA Anchor & dōTERRA Arise for the meditation and reiki, and as soon as I put some Anchor on the soles of my feet, I could feel the waves of energetic vibration around me!

Since then, I try to practise at least one self-reiki a day with oils, although it isn’t really necessary. But it truly does enhance the experience, and I allow the reiki intuition to guide me on which oils when I am not sure which to use. When I am in doubt, I just pull out the dōTERRA yoga oil collection, which is an incredible set to use for meditation and yoga as well.

The differences it made to me? Well, I felt that my days and life in general was sweeter than before. Traffic hardly bothered me anymore, and I didn’t experience the “I’d rather be home” attitude that I sometimes have while driving to work. I also began to be less afraid to standing up to bullies and speaking the truth. I also found more opportunities presenting itself, and more creativity arising for my work.

Group reiki at OSK

Within my first month after Reiki Level 1, I found myself conducting a few reiki sessions. Aside from one session at the Spiritual Fair / Bazar Batin, I also shared a reiki with another healer, Kat, who also is a yoga teacher. Watching Kat, who is Level 2, was amazing, and when she made the symbols and led the session, the energy that we experienced was incredible!

I also conducted reiki with Eddy on our host in Ipoh. That was really an interesting experience, and the first time we experience cold during our sessions. Later on in July, all three of us – Kat, Eddy and I – conducted a group reiki experience at OSK. That too was an interesting experience, can’t wait to practise more! Stay tuned for more updates on group activities soon!

In the meantime now, I have begun now on a few reiki clients during the week. Once, a long time ago, I experienced a meditation practise when I was led towards healing. I thought that I was doing that somewhat with yoga, but I can see now that I am led further down the path of being a healer with reiki. Much gratitude 🙏🏽