The Sun: The many faces of being a parent

In my most recent Sun column, I reflect on having a parental nurturing role in life, something I am quite surprised to find myself in:

This led me to reflect on my position in society. There is a belief that I don’t like children. This is not true. I don’t like parents who don’t seem to realise that their children will have to be part of society one day but don’t equip them for the experience. I love children.

I realise that “parent” has to be one of the most onerous roles a person could take on in life. The responsibility of helping equip a human to have a fulfilling life and others to do the same is something beyond what I personally could take on full-time.

Yet, here is Kim Cattrall telling me that I have already been expressing this parental role in my adult life. This made me see myself in a very different light.

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What about you? Do you have such a role, even if not a biological parent? How is it for you?