The Sun – OK to slow down.

My most recent piece in the Sun talks a little about healthy ageing and early retirement:

Let me ask you: are you working hard now, thinking that if ever anything happens to you later in life, your insurance and your children will look after you? How sure are you that your insurance is enough for all eventualities and that your children will look after you? I have seen enough cases where the spouse of the offspring manages to manipulate things so that the parents are left high and dry, and I believe this is more prevalent than we’d like to admit.

For more, click here! Tell me what you think about early retirement, healthy ageing and our physical investment for this!

As an endnote, please do forgive me for not having written in the Sun for so long! Firstly, the throat chakra (inspiration, creativity, good self expression) has been a little on the low, and also a lot has been happening on the personal front! Hopefully, I will keep writing into the new year!