The Sun: Give with grace and love.

My most recent column in the Sun was inspired by thoughts on Christmas and sequencing for yoga classes:

After much thought, I came to a realisation that the spirit of Christmas is giving. Notwithstanding the religious viewpoint, or maybe because of it, we see people giving each other presents, giving each other food and meals, giving to those in need: Christmas is the time of generosity and grace.

This spirit should be there throughout the year, but I guess sometimes we need a special reason or time of year to remind us. There are so many reasons to give, and many people who do give feel it is their way of giving thanks for all they have, and possibly will have. Some do it because of the capacity for compassion they possess. Whatever it is, the giving that we do makes a change, a ripple in society or the community.

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So how was your Christmas?  Wishing all of you a Happy New Year 🎊🎉🎈‼️