The Sun: Get more oxygen to your brain

My most recent outing on my theory that a lot of stupidity spewed by leaders in the nation is due to lack of oxygen to the brains. Meant to be tongue-in-cheek:

A lot of stupidity seems to be pouring forth from various quarters in our nation. I say this boldly for I know that I am no pioneer in having expressed this. My own theory is that we don’t exercise enough. Otherwise, I cannot imagine what could possess a person to use such false dichotomies and weak analogies that even a toddler can see through them.

So my suggestion is that Malaysians should spend at least 180 minutes exercising per week. When you start exercising, in particular cardiovascular exercise, extra blood gets pumped to your brain, to state the obvious. The extra blood feeds your brain cells with oxygen and glucose, both elements vital for the brain to function. The more oxygen and glucose the brain gets, the better it performs.

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