New Year, healthier you!

Hey everyone! My name is Daniel Chandranayagam, an ACE certified personal trainer (T158691). My foray into health and fitness began after a 6-month stint selling frozen yoghurt in his teens, after which I learnt the hard way what the phrase “a moment on the lips, a lifetime on the hips” (or tummy!) really meant!

Twenty years later, I decided to get certified with the American Council on Exercise as a personal trainer so that he can help others get fitter and healthier.

I began personal training at Body By Design, whose clientele are mainly referred over by Global Doctors, Malaysia. Simultaneously, I took on the challenge of being boot camp instructor for one of Malaysia’s premium fitness brands, Rebel Boot Camp. I now lead the Bandar Utama platoon. Click here to learn more!

Currently, I work with Activ Studio. Aside from general fitness, my interest lies with special populations, having given talks and fitness trainings for those living with HIV. I also have given a mini talk and training on Parkinson’s and fitness, as well as have had clients with Fibromyalgia and diabetic-related neuropathy.

Now, I also have my eye on on helping older people remain healthier and fitter so that they may enjoy their golden years comfortably. My passion, however, is in the mind-body movement in the fitness sphere, working towards my yoga teacher’s training course in 2013.

Oh, and I also am a freelance writer.