Meditation for grounding.

This short meditation practice brings our awareness entirely to our feet. The process is meant to help us have distance from grippings that may cause us to struggle – whether we are seeking change, or whether arising from daily life.

Begin by finding a time when you’re not likely to be interrupted, have your mobile devices either turned off, or on silent, or best yet, not with you at all. Have the place as bright or as dark as you like, provided you are comfortable. Then sit down whether on a chair with feet on the floor, or on your meditation cushion or mat with legs crossed.

Meditation to ground, with focus on the feet.

  • Begin by checking in with your body, whether both feet and sit bones are equally weighted;
  • Then check whether you are sitting a little too forward or too far back, or whether leaning to one side or the other;
  • Lift your spine upwards, while gently drawing in the belly;
  • Then relax your shoulders, your throat, your spaces in the mouth and the skin on your face.
  • Then, for a few moments, have your awareness on your breath.
  • Once you have settled down, bring all your awareness to your right big toe;
  • Then your right second toe, followed by the right middle toe, the right fourth toe, and the right little toe;
  • Then draw your awareness to the balls of the right foot;
  • The arch of the right foot;
  • Your right heel;
  • Then have your awareness to the whole right sole.
  • Repeat the process on the left foot.
  • Then repeat the process for both feet simultaneously.
  • Then either remain seated with eyes closed – just being. OR draw your attention back to your breath for a few moments before ending the meditation.

“Flying starts from the ground. The more grounded you are, the higher you fly.”

— J.R. Rim

Feet mindfulness during the day.

To bolster your grounding process using the feet, now and then bring your awareness to your feet during your daily activities. There are many opportunities to do this, for example:

  • As your feet touch the floor as soon as you get out of bed,
  • When you brush your teeth,
  • As you cook,
  • As you commute – whether you are driving or sitting / standing in public transport,
  • Especially if something causes you upset, annoyance or any other negative emotions.

Just draw your focus to your feet. Perhaps practice this grounding meditation with feet focus, bolstered by feet awareness in your daily life, for about a month or so and see how it helps.

Do email me to tell me how this helps!

Keep to the practice, be patient with yourself. The grounding process is perfect to help you, especially if you seek change or a transformation in yourself and your life.

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