Guided Practices to Help You Find Your Way Through Loss and Change.

I am so excited to share with you all that I have been up to these past few months. For me, being a yoga teacher is more than just teaching yoga poses, as the mindfulness is key when it comes to movement. The breath-work underpins the movement. And they are all contained in the beauty of yoga philosophy.

While I love seeing your faces one-to-one or in a group setting, it means a lot also to be able to support you who are far away from me. The pandemic was the means to really get me to overcome my shyness (or imposter syndrome) of having offerings online, and now I am so happy to share what I have with you in the virtual world as well.

In addition, working in the virtual world has introduced me to new teachers and guides, and also to create various offerings suitable for the online space.

So here is what I have for you:

Grief Bundle.

Grief can really cause you to sink down to the lowest of the lows. It can suddenly float up when you thought you were feeling better. Grief, for me, is so complex, sometimes I don’t even realise that I am experiencing grief!

Because of this, I have tried to create support for you through movement and guided meditations available online, mainly through the Insight Timer and Guided by Keziah apps. As a digression, I need to express how delighted I am when Keziah Gibbons asked me to be on her app. She is an incredible Reiki Master and Tarot Professional, and the app is absolutely amazing. Check it out (Apple App Store / Google Play).

On both apps, you will find the following guided meditations for grief:

  • Meditation for Grief through the Chakras
  • Journal Prompts for Grief
  • Morning Loving-Kindness in Grief
  • Forgiving Someone You Lost (Reiki-Infused)
  • Reiki Through The Chakras For Grief

More guided meditations on grief will be coming soon.

Forgiving Someone You Lost (Reiki-Infused).

This guided meditation is to help you forgive someone you lost. Grief can be entangled with unresolved emotions towards the departed. This guided meditation gently guides you to find forgiveness, helping you to release the weight of resentment.

In addition, you will find the Yoga For Grief movement practice course available on the Guided By Keziah app.

Go check it out!


Aside from that, there is a new reiki practice on the Insight Timer app, entitled “Sending Reiki To Your Pet”. It is a guided reiki practice to channel reiki energy to you and your animal companion, helping you both experience a profound connection. Whether your pet is near or far, this practice allows you to channel positive energy, promoting relaxation, balance, and overall well-being for you and your furry friend.

Thank you for this beautiful space from me and my 2 dogs, I particularly liked giving gratitude to my pets. I wish this practice was longer. 🙏🏻❤️🐕

Lucy Eleanor

Sending reiki to your pet.

This guided reiki practice is to channel reiki energy to your animal companion, helping you both experience a profound connection.

Expect more reiki practices also from me in the virtual world.

Guided practices on identity.

You will also find guided practices on the loss of identity, reflections on identity, and other path-finding and identity practices from me soon – both in the virtual world, and in-person.

Also, expect more practices that are Tarot inspired soon.

If there is any practice you’d like me to offer – whether through yoga, guided meditation, breath-work or reiki, do let me know. You can email me or contact me any time.

Work with me.

Let’s journey together for your awakening using yoga and other mindfulness tools. Get peace in your body, clarity in your mind, courage in your heart and confidence in your spirit, so that you can move towards brighter years ahead!