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Connecting to the within.

Because of a number of personal issues, I have been spending a lot of time in self-care. A string of ill-fortune, culminating in one big fat crisis, caused me a lot of anxiety, unhappiness, worry and a bunch of other negative emotions that I won’t even list!

The funny thing is on the day I got the Big Bad News, I attended a full-moon meditation that helped me realise I have a lot of skills to help me navigate through crisis without lowering my vibrations and allowing the circumstances to dictate how I would view daily experiences.

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My routine would usually be:

  • Lighting some form of aromatherapy (essential oils or incense)
  • Centring prayer (more later)
  • Reiki of self
  • Cutting chords
  • Reiki of crisis

After a week or so, I found that I didn’t need so much time in ritual, and modified the time to have more centring prayer or meditation and less of cutting chords etc. Depending on the day and the news, I would spend time with myself in this way. Other tools I have in the toolbox are:

  • Work with crystals
  • EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique)
  • Self-hypnosis

I added these as and when. EFT is especially good for sudden panic attacks, especially in the car. I also added reclining yoga stretches to reiki self-care as and when I felt emotional grippings taking root in the body. In addition to this, I also made sure I didn’t waste opportunities for group reiki or meditation with friends or people I trusted. Of course, I ensured I still exercised, and worked out, ate well and rested as well as I could. Funnily enough, I had good rest every night!

The crisis was averted and the mess is being cleared up, slowly but surely. But one of the major takeaways I had from this is how important self-care is.

I hope to begin more meditation and self-care classes soon to help people because it really is less about the crisis and more about how we respond to it. Stay tuned!

How do you deal with crisis? Tell me in the comments below!

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