Yoga Grounding Series

Some thoughts on yoga and yoga philosophy. The first piece on Atha, or Grounding:

Atha — Grounding

Life can be hard. Sometimes the wind blows every which way and it is hard to stay rooted. At Manasa Yoga, we learn to ground.

Grounding in the body

We ground in things which are always present. Our body is always present and there is no better tool than the body in which to root. For example, I got a little annoyed this morning. At first, I rode the annoyance. Then I realised that it was causing me more detriment than benefit.

So how did I feel? Was my heart beating fast? Was my forehead furrowed? Just drawing oneself into one’s body gives us space to move away from that which is bothering us.

Grounding in the breath

The breath is also always present so using the breath to ground in the moment is also always helpful. One can watch one’s breath. How is one’s breath when one is agitated? How is one’s breath when one is calm?

Living Moment by Moment

If there is one thing that practising yoga has taught me, it is that each moment is as important as the next. I’m the type of guy who loves to plan so I spend a lot of time living in the future and missing out on what’s happening right now.

Through yoga practice, I do this a lot less now and I am better for it. Life is much less stressful. Arguments are usually avoided. Our guru, Manoj Khaimal from Manasa Yoga, tends to ask, “What is skilful?”

Perhaps that is a question we need to ask ourselves from moment to moment.

The Grounding series (so far):

  1. Atha – Grounding
  2. Grounding in Asanas
  3. Grounding in the Yoga Sutras (1)
  4. Grounding: Ahimsa on the Mat
  5. Grounding in the Yoga Sutras (2)

What do you think? do you ground in the moment?