The Sun: We need everyone onboard.

I actually wrote this piece for the Sun before the Malaysian Movement Order Control (MCO) that began on 18 March 2020, last Wednesday. It seems a little dated now, because we are all really stuck at home, especially with the military out to enforce our enforced social distancing.

Still, I wrote it because I felt a lot of people were being cavalier about the virus and how it affects us.

In that article, a doctor stated, “Fatality is the wrong yardstick. Catching the virus can mess up your life in many, many more ways than just straight-up killing you … . How about needing four months of physical therapy before you even feel human again. Or getting scar tissue in your lungs and having your activity level restricted for the rest of your life. Not to mention having every chance of catching another bug in hospital, while you’re being treated or waiting to get checked with an immune system distracted even by the false alarm of an ordinary flu. No trip is worth this risk.”

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