The Sun: We do not celebrate our athletes

I was so outraged and incensed about this piece on Faiz’s thank-you speech that I wrote a column on it. Hello, he won an award for his kick that scored a goal, not an English matriculation examination 🙄:

Let me ask you this: if after years of toiling for your dream, you actually receive your dream and thank people to the best of your ability, how would you feel if some wet blanket came along and said, “Your English so bad, bring shame to our country!” From my perspective, anyone who says this suffers from the complaint of want of empathy and inability to distinguish context and issues.

Haters will always hate. So clever, you go kick the football and win the award lah! 😑

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What do you think? Should Faiz’s golden moment (or any athlete’s golden moment) be rained on by criticism or “alternative praise” about other things aside from their achievements? Let me know in the comments!