The Sun: A ‘dogmatic’ kind of world.

This most recent column in the Sun newspaper was inspired by one person who kinda ostracises you if you dare to step foot into another yoga studio and not the one in which her guru teaches.

Of course, as I have illustrated in the piece, dogmatism exists everywhere.

The capacity to be dogmatic exists in everyone and every institution. For example, in politics, we Malaysians have been experiencing the “this guy is a better PM than that guy” phenomenon for years.We see it in business “this brand is better than that brand” and I am sure it exists in families also “that family is so terrible, you better stay away!” What people don’t seem to realise is how toxic this kind of attitude is. Will one fanboy’s dogmatism make me like one PM candidate over the other? I don’t think so.

A dogmatic kind of world – the Sun

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Have you experienced this kind of dogmatic people before? Or… do you think you are a dogmatic person? (A hint: if you keep justifying and excusing your actions and thoughts, you may want to spend some time reflecting on whether you are dogmatic or not.

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