The Sun: Making sense of driving habits.

My mind still boggles when it comes to how we drive on our roads. SOCSO was reported to have paid up to RM800 million each year as compensation to workers who had met accidents during their daily commute. I dwelled a little on this in my recent piece in the Sun:

Even “Third World drivers” do not exhibit the kind of road rage I have seen in the Klang Valley. In Hanoi and Delhi, where everything is helter-skelter, you never see the seething rage that some Malaysian drivers exhibit.

The irony is that some of the worst drivers – who are reckless and inconsiderate – I am acquainted with are the same people who complain about slow public service, how backward our country is, and how “Third World” Malaysia is.

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Why do you think urban Malaysians drive the way we do? What causes us to be so reckless, selfish and inconsiderate? Share your thoughts in the comments!