First Proper Acro Yoga Jam!

Acro Yoga is one of those things I was never too sure about. Unlike Fly Yoga, which involves to some sense, an immersion into the practice, Acro Yoga looks a lot like gymnastics. Still, I am pretty open and I love to try new things if I get the chance.

One of the teachers at Manasa Yoga School is also Acro Yoga certified. Teresa, or Sasa, also is a dancer and I just began teaching yoga at her space in Bandar Kinrara. One day, we were casually discussing Acro Yoga and she was explaining that Acro Yoga was all about communicating through touch. I also have read that Acro Yoga is the yoga of trust. And to an extent, I was intrigued.

She invited me to jam with her, and I convinced her to bring in another two friends in for the session, and was it fun!

We began with a few warm-up exercises to help us identify our midlines. Lots of balancing and lots of core work in the warm ups. Some were tougher than others and I worked up a little sweat. Then we began the actual practice.

Definitely, touch is such an important aspect of Acro Yoga. Especially when you are the base, with touch one can tell if your flyer is tentative or confident or balanced. My experience was that being a base is far more difficult than being a flyer. Being a flyer requires a degree of confidence and for both, core strength and stability is super important.

Definitely will revisit Acro Yoga practice. Have you tried Acro Yoga?