Catching up with yoga

My goal this year was to spend more time in Ashtanga Vinyasa practice. While I have been doing this in self-practice at home, I have not managed to find the time to go back to Mysore practice until a day ago. I have to say that Mysore practice at the shala is pretty different from home practice, especially notable in the amount of soreness I am experiencing right now.

The practice that morning (which I hope to keep to on a weekly basis, and then to increase) surprised me. I found I was better than expected, especially considering I have not done a Mysore practice since October 2014. Certain poses I knew had suffered (Marichiasana B, C and D, for example) but I feel there has been some improvement.

Partially I put this down to weekly self-practice as well as the TRX Force workout I have been diligently doing (now in the second phase of strength – getting tougher!). Still I look forward to a more consistent Mysore practice this year and in the future. Here’s to setting of intentions!