The Sun: The poison they spew

My most recent opinion on gender discrimination, on women from women:

Packing up my sweaty yoga mat in a studio one day, I overheard a few women talking about a girl who had joined the class. This girl was prettier, slimmer and perhaps more accomplished on the mat than these women. So inevitably, in their eyes, she was a wanton show-off harlot, hell-bent on seducing the male teacher.

I was amused. And I am going to tread on thin ice as I ask why do women do this to each other? On the one hand, we have women saying that they have been repressed for centuries by men and, on the other, they lash out poisonously at other women at the drop of a penny.

For more, click here. For pdf download, here. What are your thoughts? Do women give other women due respect?