The Sun: The makings of a serial killer.

Isn’t anybody concerned about the rise in animal cruelty in Malaysia? I discuss this in my recent contribution in the Sun newspaper:

In Malaysia, we have seen a rise of animal cruelty and slayings in the past few years. The Department of Veterinary Services reported in October 2019 that there was a 30% increase of reported animal cruelty in 2018. I am not too sure why people aren’t concerned about the reported rise of animal cruelty.

And also:

Western history is filled with serial killers whose violent tendencies were first directed towards animals. Albert DeSalvo (the “Boston Strangler”) killed 13 women as an adult, but trapped dogs and cats and shot arrows at them through boxes in his youth. The deadly violence that has shattered American schools in recent years has, in most cases, begun with cruelty to animals. High school killers such as Nikolas Cruz and Luke Woodham tortured animals before starting their shooting sprees.

What do you think? What can we do to make people more accountable? Are you concerned that we are headed towards a more violent society? Tell me your thoughts in the comments below!