The Sun: Integrity is a basic value.

I have been bothered for many years by our leaders, whether political or industrial, just “creating” credentials and buying honorifics for themselves. It bothers me also when parents keep meddling in their children’s academic journey (for no reason except to get more marks). I wrote about this in my most recent column in the Sun newspaper.

People claim that money counts for everything, but if that is the case, why bother buying certificates or honorifics? Just say that you have bucketloads of money, but be a plain “Mr” or “Encik” with an SPM. Enough, right?

People work hard to get good grades. They just don’t fall down from heaven. People also work hard to get good enough grades to get into Oxbridge or an Ivy League university. When someone says they belong to a certain alumni, or have a certain grade, they usually say it with pride because they slogged for it.

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