The Sun – Focus on positive aspects of life.

It has taken me awhile to get back into the writing groove. I began with journaling in early October, and then back to this here blog. Finally, I managed to bang a column out for the Sun newspaper.

Being open, taking responsibility for our actions, being positive – these things seem to be getting further and further away from us as people.

Humans are more prone as it is to focus on negativity, called the negativity bias.

In studies, researchers have found respondents to have greater electrical activity in the cerebral cortex to negative stimuli, compared to positive.

Wouldn’t it be better then, when we are in situations that aren’t meeting our expectations, to try to focus on the positive, rather than focus on all the things we are “used to” in a similar circumstance.

There is always something good, although sometimes we need to spend a long time looking for it.

From my piece in the Sun newspaper

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What do you think? Do we focus too much on the negative?