Sojourn in Serendah.

It had been awhile since we did a short day-outing, I think the last time was Jenjarom. So about a month ago, I suggested to Eddy that we should head out. Serendah sounded reasonably nearby, and it had its Seven Wells and the dam, plus apparently also a waterfall, so why not?

The park by the seven wells

Serendah is north of Kuala Lumpur, kinda heading towards Kuala Kubu Baru / Fraser’s Hill. We took the new Rawah-Serendah bypass, which is pretty elevated and a little heart-lurching for those who abhor heights (like Eddy). For me, it was fun! Getting there was super easy and I noted with interest all the parks along the work, such as Templer’s Park and the Kanching Forest Reserve.

A glimpse of the seven wells and surroundings

Originally a mining town, Serendah is at a pretty low level, which explained why the land in the township is boggy and swampy. The town itself is charming and so super clean, it’s amazing! Finding the seven wells was pretty easy. Comprised of seven sluices or sink holes, it is meant to control the amount of water that travels through the dam. Apparently, this construct may have been influenced by the catastrophe at the Kuala Kubu Dam nearby in 1883.

The dam, on the other side of the seven wells

The park surrounding the seven wells and the dam is really restful, tranquil even. There was hardly anyone around when we arrived, and it was so clean! I wish I had something as calming as this in my neighbourhood, I might visit it often! However, aside from photos and sitting and contemplating, there wasn’t much else to do at this spot (possibly a picnic, but we hadn’t prepared for that), so we decided to head off the waterfall about 1 km away.

A view looking away from the dam

The trip to the waterfall was interesting, because we had to go through native settlements (and a drug rehab centre!) to get there. The road was unsurprisingly narrow, and the land around was pretty boggy. The roads sometimes had water running around the edges or from the upper levels to the lower levels. Make sure your tyres aren’t bald, although you can’t really drive very fast down the roads!

The Serendah waterfall

The waterfall was pretty developed for tourists. An obvious favourite for picnickers and cyclists, there were little huts and barbecue pits ready for use, and there were quite a number of families around the waterfall and pond.

Eddy in foreground, me in background, both of us contemplating our phones in the jungle above the waterfall

Avoiding the crowd and the noise, we headed up on a road that led to the river that flowed into the waterfall. There actually wasn’t much to see here either, although far cleaner than the waterfall areas in Ulu Langat. Maybe we’re getting older, or less adventurous but we decided to call it a day after that (because we were hungry too!). Still, it was a good getaway for half a day, and I definitely would go back again one day!

Where have you been to lately? Do you know of any short day trips I could make from Kuala Lumpur? Tell me in the comments below!