Reiki for animals.

Everyone knows I love animals and as a natural progression from that, I began to reiki my own animals, followed by animals of others.

I reached out to Furry Friends Farm who needed help with their sheep who was dying. Unfortunately, I couldn’t do distance healing at that point, and the other reiki healers could only provide comfort for the poor boy. Or perhaps it shouldn’t be ‘unfortunately’ because we all have our own time and our path, including the sheep!

Patchy after his first reiki

Then a former client, who also is affiliated, asked me if I could reiki her community cats. So I did! They are an interesting bunch of cats: MiaoWii who is a little bit rebellious; Buttercup who is paralysed from the waist down; Patchy who has so many physical issues, including infected blood; and a host of others!

I have learnt on my own a few techniques from these animals that I use on myself and humans as well, that help me connect more with the individual that I am dealing with! And at the end of the day, these animals all just want to be loved.

They seem to be calming down, and some of them have amazing energy to start with! It has been such an honour to help them out! Some of them connect with the energy immediately, and some of them are a little cautious. It has been an experience for all of us!

My own dogs also get reiki!

If you want to learn more about how I can help you or your animals with reiki, contact me here!