Rebel Boot Camp, Bandar Utama

Ever wondered what you’re made of? How strong you are? Or do you wonder if you’ll ever have the kind of figure that graces the covers of magazines and advertisements?

You can get the answer to these questions by joining a boot camp. Wait! Not any old boot camp! Rebel Boot Camp (RBC)!

I am the lead instructor for the Bandar Utama (BU) Rebel Boot camp platoon. Taking place every Tuesday and Thursday at 1830-1930, Central Park, Bandar Utama (click here for map), our sessions are fitness at its funnest!

RBC programmes offer a more efficient exercise routine, one that targets major muscle groups while also raising the heart rate. The American Council on Exercise (ACE) found in a research study on boot camps’ health and fitness benefits that the average exerciser burns approximately 9.8 calories per minute during a typical boot-camp workout, amounting to approximately 400 calories in 40 minutes!

Rebels can look forward to a host of health benefits. Punitha, Singapore Rebel extraordinaire and sister of Gokki, says, “I gained physical and mental strength, stamina and endurance.”

Aside from these, Rebels can also look forward to other gains. Jonathan Tan, RBC instructor in Kuala Lumpur, says, “Some of our Rebels have said to gain an increase in mental capacity, confidence, alertness and the ability to face working life with boundless energy!”

James Mclauchlan, RBC instructor in Singapore, says, “I think many people come to boot camp with the idea that it is unpleasant, but that it also get’s results. Well, they have it half right! We definitely get results for our Rebels, but we make sure that this is done in a positive atmosphere with plenty of encouragement.”

James’ assertion is confirmed by Gokki’s outrage at the suggestion of changing anything in RBC’s workouts. “Don’t change a thing!” she exclaims, “Even if we threaten the instructors or plead for mercy, don’t change a single thing!”

Jonathan Tan, RBC instructor in Kuala Lumpur, observes, “If you attend 12 sessions or one month of RBC, results will show. Do expect and know that at the end of that time to be fitter, faster, stronger, more agile and healthier!”

So if you have ever asked yourself any of those questions posed at the beginning, it’s time you get your butt down to RBC.