Portable Tools for Navigating Grief on the Run.

Facing loss can feel overwhelming, leaving you struggling to catch your breath. Daily life demands your attention, yet each step feels heavy with grief.

When a dedicated grief retreat seems out of reach, where do you turn?

It takes a little gumption but the first thing to do is to pause and re-assess. Then begin a practice, even for three to five minutes, that can help ground you, or centre you.

You have the power to help yourself move forward. The answer lies within you.

Read on for more!

Actions and Resources.

Many meditative and mindfulness work can be bite sized. Focusing on your breath, or focusing on your feet, can be very quick practices to put in place.

You could try mindfulness as you walk, or journal. If you have more time, you could try to incorporate a yoga or chair yoga practice. These are all bite-sized actionable practices to help ease you in your grief.

The time immediately after a loss, especially a major loss such as a death, can be tied up with all kinds of events and bureaucracy. These may give rise to possible conflict and drama, which you definitely could do without.

These are times when these practices will serve you well.

Portable Practices for Busy Lives.

When the immediate events following a loss is over, and you still cannot find the time, or cannot afford to take time off, it is good to set aside a day or half a day at home with some self-care practices.

For example, you could practice the following:

  • Chair Yoga or Restorative Yoga: Gentle, supported yoga practices can help promote physical ease and emotional release.
  • Meditations or Guided Meditations: These practices can help restore balance and harmony, centring your energy and promotes overall well-being.
  • Breath-work / Pranayama: These practices help to calm the nervous system, and like meditation, they also help to centre your energy and promote your well-being.
  • Mindfulness Practices: These practices can be done anytime (maybe not while driving or manning heavy equipment or ferrying passengers). Take a read here of four ways to be mindful, and listen here for five ways to be mindful in grief.

These tools are designed for portability (except for yoga practices) are accessible anytime, anywhere. Waiting in line, taking a lunch break, or simply seeking a moment of solace.

If you would like some idea or guidance on how to practice this, you can sign up for the FREE Yoga for Grief Retreat: Nourishing Practices for Heartfelt Healing here.

Building Your Personal Retreat.

While dedicated retreats offer an immersive experience, you can create mini-retreat moments throughout your day. With the retreat programme above, you will get a ‘Retreat Schedule’ (PDF) to structure your own sessions, incorporating practices that resonate with you.

Start with five minutes, gradually increasing the duration as you build comfort and strength.

Remember, you are not alone.

Grief is a journey, not a destination. These tools offer support and guidance along the way. Don’t hesitate to seek additional support from grief support groups, therapists, or other professionals. With self-kindness and these portable tools, you can navigate the waves of grief, finding moments of peace and renewal even amidst challenges.

If you need support in your grief-healing practices, do reach out to me. I am here to help.

Yoga For Grief Retreat


A FREE Yoga Retreat Program that will help you to:

  • acknowledge your feelings
  • release your pain
  • restore your energy
  • reconnect with your inner wisdom
  • reclaim your joy

You will get yoga, meditation, breath-work and journaling practices for this retreat.