Opening our minds and bodies

My most recent one, coinciding with both the New Year and Lunar New Year of the Horse. Have a good one, everyone!

The new year stretches long before us, promising new opportunities and challenges. Perhaps, new jobs or career opportunities or fresh business prospects arise; or new beginnings at home or in one’s personal life develop: with the new year comes all kinds of exciting possibilities, like a limitless frontier before us.

Before we know it, incidents occur which causes everything to contract. It could be anything, from a mean boss to a wayward child, or an absent spouse to an unhappy lover.

Whatever it is, the frontiers tighten and the year becomes just this one incident, until the next unhappy incident takes place.

I like to think our bodies are like this. At the start of the day, they are (relatively) longer and in a “happier” state. As the day progresses, stressful events occur, causing them to shorten. Similarly, when we begin our adult lives, our muscles are relatively longer, and more supple than when we reach our autumn years, when they have contracted and become shorter, stiffer and much more set in their ways.

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