ACSM: The science of sweat

Pretty good post. I sweat a lot, so this blog post from ACSM was relevant.

… a fit person will start sweating earlier and easier. It may sound strange at first but as someone becomes fit, the body becomes more efficient at regulating the body’s temperature. When you start sweating earlier the body cools down faster, which releases extra body heat and allows you to work out harder for longer. Another theory suggests that during exercise, the body needs to pump more blood to the working muscles, which also stimulates the eccrine and apocrine glands.

Another fun one on sweating during yoga practice, from Daniel Scott Yoga, can be found here, “Top 10 Ways to Deal with Sweat During Yoga“:

Men don’t sweat, I gently replied. We marinate.

I then proceeded to wring my shirt out on her foot. It was very gratifying, and I truly felt one step closer to samhadi (feeling one with the world). I was younger then.