The Sun – Special needs people can fend for themselves

A little something about the fear parents have for their children with special needs:

The thing that some parents seem to forget, to my mind, is that they will one day leave their children behind, and who will fend for them then? Expecting their siblings to look after them is onerous. What kind of life could one have?

Depending on the extremity of the case, people living with special needs might have the ability to fend for themselves. I know of a day training centre where folk with special needs learn skills to help them function. From simple things like washing their own dishes and clothes, they learn how to use public transport, photocopiers and other skills that we take for granted. This, of course, depends on each individual case.

Some of them are earning a living now. I know of one who is hired as a librarian in a private college. Meanwhile, my aunt has hired one of them as a runner for her office. This guy apparently is better than most other runners: he makes a list of errands he needs to run; he ticks them off meticulously; he does not stop for coffee or breakfast; he takes great pride and pleasure in his work.

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What do you think? Should we hide them away like some parents do or should children with special needs be taught life skills?