The Sun: Do I look Malaysian?

I just realise I haven’t been posting up my Sun Columns! What!?!!

I was very unhappy about the situation that Divyang Hong tweeted about, namely about a landlady who didn’t want to rent out to him because of the colour of his skin. So I wrote about it in January, and here is some of what I had to say:

What was appalling was the responses Divyang got on Twitter. Some Malaysians felt that the landlord shouldn’t be called a racist, his or her choice of tenant is his or her prerogative.

This part is true. But ethnicity shouldn’t be the criteria. Others said that people preferred Chinese because of hygiene, food and smell. I mean, seriously?

The problem is Malaysia, multicultural though we are, is segmented by race. It is only when Malaysians come across people like Divyang and I that they don’t really know what to do.

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I am glad that something is being done about this now, and hopefully we can move towards a more colour-neutral Malaysia.