The Sun: Degrees are not that important

My latest on how recruitment seems to be moving away from paper qualifications. About time too!

Well, nope. It depends on the quality of education, if you think about it. I read a Facebook posting by an acquaintance who is doing his master’s degree. He lamented how his professor’s slides were so hard to understand and that he had to, horror of horrors, read all seven articles referenced to understand the topic.

Shocking! Why hadn’t the professor thought of spoon-feeding his students? Make them read the actual articles? With the footnotes? That has to be entirely against the grain of education.

Hardly surprising then, a few days later, British publisher, Penguin Random House, released a statement that job applicants will no longer be required to have a university degree.

For more, click here. For the pdf download, here.

What are your thoughts? Are degrees and paper qualifications important for recruitment?